About Us

Benevolence Care is the domiciliary service provider specialising in the provision of responsive care packages. We are guided by our clients and as such tailor our services to meet their specific needs to address causes of ill-health and social isolation. We ultimately support our clients’ independence and their desire of staying in their own homes longer. We are the ideal alternative to residential care.

At Benevolence Care we treasure the ethos of collaborative working where open communication with our clients, their relatives and significant others is fostered and emphasised. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of care; and seek to achieve this by empowering our clients, supporting their welfare and drawing on the wealth of experience of our care team.

Here at Benevolence Care we are committed to continuous service improvement and as such maintain quality assurances through regular reviews of the care and support we provide; and any concerns and compliments received.

It is our commitment to provide the level of care we would want us and our loved ones to receive.